From the Heart: Walking on the Path of Love

I spent the day yesterday “Walking on the Path of Mary Magdalene” with Susie Verde in a workshop offered by One Spirit Learning Alliance.

Mary Magdalene was one of Jesus’ most loyal followers and students; she was perhaps his closet companion and friend; and she was even named a saint. Still, she is most often identified as a prostitute, despite no evidence to substantiate the claim.

In many ways, Mary Magdalene is one of the clearest examples of a patriarchy that refuses to recognize and respect anyone but its own. We are so accustomed to the male perspective and energy being so pervasive that many believe it is the natural order of things.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In the 200,000-year history of the human species, and the 4-plus billion years that earth has been in existence, there have been many times when the matriarchy has influenced our evolution. It is no accident that we call her “Mother Earth.”

For way too long, though, we have dismissed women — especially in the United States. We have paid and respected them less. We have subjugated them to the kitchen and role of baby maker while questioning the authority they have over their own bodes at every turn. We did not even give them the right to vote until 1920.