From the Heart: Love Unplugged — Lessons from the Enneagram

I am writing this on a plane headed to Merida, Mexico, for an eight-day stay. It feels a bit strange but also exhilarating to be traveling again after so many months.

What are you doing again now that the world is beginning to reopen? Does it feel the same or different than before the pandemic? How are you the same or different?

I almost always take working vacations. I hop on conference calls; answer emails right away; write a lot for work, not necessarily for pleasure; and stay connected on social media.

This vacation is going to be different. I am doing all I can to unplug.

I partially have the pandemic to thank for this new way of being. Even though I have kept extremely busy during the last 14 months, there has also been a spaciousness I have grown to appreciate and want to continue to cultivate.

As the world begins to look more like it used to, I am committed to using lessons learned during the lock-down to not return to life as normal. One way is to make a conscious effort to take more than a few hours here and there to rest and recharge.