From the Heart: Strange Love

Updated: Apr 8

I love it when I have a clear idea about what I’m going to write — only to discover that spirit has an entirely different plan. It’s amazing how often the universe steps in to co-create with and teach us … if we are only willing to notice and listen.

I started yesterday morning the way I do nearly every Sunday, with coffee and breakfast watching Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist. His featured guest was Andra Day.

I’ve heard her Grammy-winning anthem for civil rights, “Rise Up,” hundreds of times — but I knew very little about the person behind the performer. In addition to being extremely talented, I learned that Andra is spiritually centered, intelligent and introspective, and very humble.

She had great trepidation about making her acting debut portraying the music legend who inspired her own last stage name in The United States vs. Billie Holiday. She also wasn’t sure about following in the footsteps of another icon, Diana Ross, who portrayed Billie Holiday to perfection in Lady Sings the Blues.