From the Heart: Love Them Anyway

I think about love — a lot.

I reflect on where I succeed and where I miss the mark. I try to make sense of a world in which what I see on the Capitol steps looks so much like hate and yet is condoned and supported by people I am supposed to love.

I deeply admire Mitt Romney, Adam Kinzinger, John Kasich, Liz Cheney and others — people who are willing to forfeit prestige, power and position for the greater good. They are true patriots. I may not agree with their policies and politics — but I could vote for any of them with a clear conscience because of their character.

It is absolutely critical to our survival that we start looking at people for who they really are in their hearts and souls and not for who we think they are or want them to be. They will show us if we are willing to look beyond our own dysfunction.

Donald Trump was