From the Heart: Love Lies Waiting

I shared a prayer this week in an online circle I lead every Monday morning. I always try to read something that seems relevant to our circle and the larger world.

This week I began searching for prayers with the theme of “letting go” — letting go of preconceived notions, letting go of the way we think things should be, letting go of hurt feelings and more. It led me to a prayer about “waiting,” which seems especially significant.

Sometimes we have to let go of things we are waiting for and may never receive; sometimes we have to let go enough to trust that all will be well whether we receive what we think we want or need … or not. Sometimes the miracles and magic happen in the midst of the waiting.

This is a great time of waiting for so many of us. When will the pandemic end? How long will it take for us to be able to travel freely again … to hug each other freely once more? When will our leaders do the right thing and unite us in peace?