From the Heart: We Are Not Alone

There wasn’t anything in particular I felt inspired or compelled to write about this week. It’s not that it’s been a bad week; it’s actually been pretty amazing.

My partner finally turned a corner with his healing. We dined outside with two of our best friends tonight for the first time since the pandemic began and discussed our upcoming trip together to Merida, Mexico. Brian and I are going to check on our house and resident visas; Patti and Cesar are the two other amigos along for the adventure.

It’s been a long year, though. A lot has happened for all of us, and we are not out of the woods yet. There are glimmers — but it can still feel like we are dancing in the dark. It can sometimes be challenging to find the right things to say.

I’d like to offer you a poem I wrote during seminary. May the words remind you that none of us is ever alone.

“I Am the Light”

Plunging deeper,

Deep into the darkness.

Even that is just the surface.

Reaching the ocean’s depths

Then swimming even further,

Below the floor of all that is.

Floating into the vast sky

Until the point of no return.

Then the real journey begins.

Trust. Let go. Be still.

The darkness is infinite.

No walls. No floor. No ceiling.

A mirror to the soul.

I am nobody


In no time.

In the stillness I come alive.

I have no bounds.

I cannot lose what isn’t there.

Trust. Let go. Be still.

Realize who you really are —

WHOSE you really are.

Surrender to the darkness.

It isn’t evil.

It isn’t bad.

The only danger is human.

Out of darkness comes light.

Out of darkness comes everything.

The spirit of creativity is born.

Trust. Let go. Be still.

Feel the spark

From deep within,

Deeper than love.

I am the spark.

All knowing. All being.

Everywhere present.

The stillness ignites the spark.

The blackness keeps it burning.

Dark nights of the soul do that.

Trust. Let go. Be still.

In that moment when all seems lost

There appears a star and then another

And the black hole is awash in light.

Where does darkness end?

Where does light begin?

Or are they one and the same?

I am the light.

I am the dark.

I am not alone.

Trust. Let go. Be still.



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