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We Bring Out the Writer — and the Heart — In Our Students

Many schools teach people the mechanics and business of writing. Our Spiritual Writers Academy (SWA) does that, too — but it also explores and nurtures the spirit of the writer.


To write from our hearts, we must know our hearts. To authentically share ourselves through our writing, we must know ourselves. Our academy and gifted teachers, coaches and mentors companion and cradle students as they do both.

SWA welcomes writers with all levels of experience and from all backgrounds. Some may be full-time writers; others may write in their spare time as a hobby. They may write in specific genres or across many. Their love and respect for writing and the written word unites them in wanting to learn more about their craft.

We only ask that what you write somehow advances and supports the idea that we are all connected — and that you write in a voice that is uniquely yours.

We welcome diverse writers who are spiritual but not necessarily religious — who see the world through a more interfaith and inter-spiritual lens. They may be ministers who want to write more impactful sermons and ceremonies; light workers or shamans who have an idea for a book or blog; or secular individuals that dream of crafting a collection of poems or a romance novel. All have a deep desire to live and write from the heart.

Our classes take small groups of tender, creative souls on an intimate and revealing journey through their inner and outer worlds  — at times alone and at times sharing their own stories and words in trusted community.


We help them to find their authentic voice and what is theirs to share. We prepare them to be more dynamic, skilled storytellers and writers — and also more complete and divine human beings — and to realize that there is no separation between the two.


Our Spiritual Writers Academy does not base success on whether a manuscript sells or a blog post receives a thousand comments — although both may very well happen!


It is more about the writer doing what he or she loves and somehow spreading love doing it.  It is about showing up in life — and on the page — in a more meaningful way.

Is The "Write" Path right for you?



      All Our Classes Are:
  • Inter-Spiritual We create sacred writing space and set our intention through silence, meditation, breathing, prayer and more.

  • Experiential There will be lots of traditional writing exercises,discussion, and opportunities for feedback on your work. We will also explore how modalities such as Soul Collage, drumming,  finger labyrinths, expressive movement and more can help you to become a better and more confident writer.

  • Practical — Every class will provide valuable tips and resources for creating web sites and blogs, finding agents and publishers, apps to save you time and foster creativity, and more. We will also consider the nuts and bolts of grammar, plot, character, theme and tone as we help you to discover your unique voice.

          Upcoming Courses


  • Writing a ceremony guests will remember

  • Make money writing from the heart

  • The Enneagram for writers

"Blogging From the Heart"


Instructor: Garrett A. Foster

Dates: Nov 10, 2020 - Dec 8, 2020
Takes place every week, total of 5 sessions



By the end of the course you will:

• Establish the kind of blog you are meant to write including a title
• Write two posts and have ideas for future posts
• Learn where and how to publish your blog posts
• Explore ways your blog can profit you financially and otherwise

To receive a discounted price join one of our affordable Spiritual Writers Academy membership plans. One is even FREE!


Discount codes to be used for purchases are on member-only pages that you gain access to after joining. Even at full price, though, you will not be disappointed!

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Our Founder

Hi, everyone! I'm Rev. Garrett A. Foster. Writing is a passion I am eager to share with others.


I believe my decades of writing experience in TV, magazines, newspapers, blogs, novels and more can help you to find and develop your voice, commit to a writing schedule that works for you, learn how to deal with the disappointment of rejection, and find ways to supplement your income through the written word. 


Because I know how important time and money are to most people, I have created a learning environment that is affordable, efficient, and accessible to all people and lifestyles.

            Our Academy In a Nutshell


  • A learning center without walls of any kind

  • A safe and dynamic place to develop your voice and skills as a writer

  • Accepting of all people, backgrounds and religions — or no religion at all

  • Nurturing and inspiring

  • Fun and engaging

  • Interactive, innovative, insightful

  • A place where friendships are formed, contacts are made, and lives are changed

Spiritual Writers Academy Logo.jpg


We offer two bi-weekly blogs: From the Heart, which is for anyone who wants a more loving life; and WRITING From the Heart, which provides discussion, resources, wisdom and more for spirit-led writers. Follow one or both!