From the Heart: Uncovering Our Wholeness

Let’s do a practice together today that can change the world. If we each spend just 20 minutes in loving-kindness meditation, miracles are possible.

In A Hidden Wholeness, spiritual leader and sacred activist Parker Palmer says, “The divided life is a wounded life, and the soul keeps calling us to heal the wound. Ignore that call, and we find ourselves trying to numb our pain with an anesthetic of choice, be it substance abuse, overwork, consumerism, or mindless media noise.

“Such anesthetics are easy to come by in a society that wants to keep us divided and unaware of our pain — for, the divided life that is pathological for individuals can serve social systems well, especially when it comes to those functions that are morally dubious.”

These words are so relevant today. No matter which side of the divide we are on, or how unaware we are of our pain, our wholeness as a society is indeed hidden at the moment. It will require us coming together as a society to uncover it.