From the Heart: Leading With Love

The announcement of Sen. Kamala Harris as Joe Biden’s running mate last week filled me with so much joy and happiness. It is proof that if you just focus on it long enough and with enough faith, love always prevails.

The cynics have been quick to point to the way Sen. Harris confronted Mr. Biden during the presidential nominee debates about his checkered racism and segregation history, as if it is a big scandal. I believe the majority of Americans are tired of scandals and divisive talk. I believe they will recognize their own checkered past during our country's often hurtful history and acknowledge that this is finally the time for lasting change.

I believe they will see this situation for what it is: A man whose character is so strong, whose sense of self and others is so grounded, and whose love of country is so clear, he was able to not only forgive Sen. Harris but recognize and reward her. Someone less secure and spiritually centered would have fired her, or had someone else do it for them.

That’s leading with love.