From the Heart: Labor of Love

I made a vow a few months ago to “do what I love — and to spread love doing it.”

I took the words of that vow seriously. I really thought about the kind of work I want to do in the world with whatever time I have left ... the kind of work I’m here to do.

I haven’t always done what I loved — often but not always — or for the right reasons. It feels much better when I do. Not long after I made that vow, I had a flash.

In an instant I saw a community where spirit-led writers could share their stories and love of writing: an online gathering and learning center that would be inter-spiritual, experiential and practical. I saw a place that would nurture and promote as many authentic and diverse voices as possible to create change in the world.

I saw it so vividly. There would be daily engagement, a Facebook component, and its own platform. It would offer classes, courses, workshops and special events. There would even be a quarterly digital publication, and a publishing program to share the stories and gifts of spirit-led writers no matter the subject matter or genre — as long as it was “from the heart.”

The details weren’t all there. However, the inspiration was. I felt aligned with spirit in that flash. I knew it was a gift from God that I was meant to co-create and give birth to. That’s how Spiritual Writers Academy (SWA) was conceived.

One of the few regrets I have had in life is that I never had children. It just wasn’t part of my story. I’ve long since made peace with it. The ideas I co-create with Great Mystery and then share with the world are my children in a way.

The fact that this flash involved writing was not a surprise. The Universe has reminded me over and over that whatever I do has to include writing. It’s my home base. I have loved writing since I was a young boy. It goes hand-in-hand with reading.

A few unexpected twists along the way inspired and prepared me to combine my love for writing with the opportunity to companion and cradle others on their own inner journey. It led me to create a school and program that not only teaches the mechanics and business of writing — but also explores and nurtures the spirit of the writer.

To write from our hearts, we must know our hearts. To authentically share ourselves through our writing, we must know ourselves.

I imagined the kind of community that does not base success on whether a manuscript sells, or a blog post receives a thousand comments — although both may happen. It is about showing up in life — and on the page — in a more meaningful way.

The best part of this “labor” was that I didn’t have to give up my other loves to create and share it. I just had to streamline a bit, and work smarter. I had to realize when to ask for help — and to be aware when it was right under my nose. I found a way for it to complement and not compete.

I don’t know exactly what this latest creation will look like in the world, even though I’ve imagined it thousands of times in the womb. It may look different when it finally comes out. It will take on a life of its own as it interacts with the hearts and souls of others.

For now there will be three levels of membership to the Spiritual Writers Academy — including one that’s free. Enrollment also opens this week for our first online course, “Blogging From the Heart.” To learn more, join or enroll, visit

Like all “labors of love,” this one will not be perfect. I’m sure there will be website over sites, registration glitches, and other challenges — but it’s time for the birth. It’s time to share something I love with the world. Everything else will work itself out.

My blessing this week is for all of us do what we love and to find a way to share it with the world — no matter who shows up in the delivery room or how perfect it is. We owe it to our creator to create whatever it is that fills us with love.



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