From the Heart: Developing a Spiritual Practice That Works For You

The thing I most want to share from the heart this week is my spiritual practice — and how it has changed my life. The saying goes that “practice makes perfect.” When it comes to spirituality, however, I believe that practice makes peace.

For years I struggled with bouts of depression, OCD and anxiety. It wasn’t until I committed to and connected with an ongoing spiritual practice that I found relief — not a practice prescribed by someone else with rigid rules and limitations but one that resonates with me.I think of my personal practice as a living, breathing thing that can shift as needed to keep it fresh and relevant.

Spiritual practice can include reciting the same prayers you’ve been saying your entire life, or it can include searching for new ones from unexpected sources ... ones that speak to your heart. Prayers that are expressed with feeling and authenticity and not just from rote memory invite us to experience the intimacy of hearing the real meaning behind the words ... maybe for the first time.