From the Heart: Balancing the Enneagram

I did not survive cancer three times to succumb to the cancer in the White House, our government, or in my thinking about it. I experienced a huge shift this week. If sharing my experience helps even one other person to deal with this upside-down world in a more balanced way, it is worth it.

Cancer taught me many things but three in particular: the importance of community; the power of prayer; and the grace of knowing oneness ... not just thinking or feeling it but knowing it.

To know oneness was more of a gift of pure grace than a teaching—one I feel humbled to have received. When you feel and see it enough to know it, you never want to lose that kind of love.

I also don’t want to—and can’t—ignore or deny the likelihood of a new conservative Supreme Court throwing out the Affordable Care Act and preexisting conditions. An alternative plan is teased mercilessly but never revealed.