"My sole occupation is love."

— John of the Cross

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From the Heart

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Where We Love  ...


There's nothing quite like seeing a couple in front of me about to be married, or knowing I am about to bless a baby or new home.

Milestones matter. The way you honor and celebrate them matters.

Let me help you share the story of your life.

Where We Learn ...


Our Spiritual Writers Academy welcomes writers of all backgrounds and levels of experience.

They may be ministers who want to write more impactful sermons and ceremonies; light workers or shamans who have an idea for a book or blog; or secular individuals crafting a collection of poems or romance novel.


We just ask that you have a deep desire to live and write from the heart.


Where We Live ...


We are born to be a part of community ... to satisfy our longing for interconnectedness. Join ours.


Drop in once or a hundred times. Participate or witness. You are always welcome.

Community In Spirit fosters the kind of trust, authenticity and inspiration that changes lives and hearts.

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By Garrett

All Traditions & Faiths Honored

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Spiritual Writers


Inter-Spiritual • Experiential • Practical



In Spirit

Finding Ourselves In Each Other



•    Am I a mystic?

•    How do I walk the mystic path?

•    How can mystic wisdom help me answer

      life's big questions and find inner peace?


The path of the mystic can be confusing, scary and, yes, totally exhilarating. Discovering it happens by grace, and a lot of commitment and hard work. These sessions are for those who are ready for both. The path of the mystic is as transformative as you are willing to make it.


Weddings • Vow Renewals

Baby/House Blessings

Memorials • Pet Remembrances

Pride Ceremonies


Life's milestones matter. Taking the time to honor or mark them in some significant way is a gift to yourself and your loved ones. 

I specialize in working with people who are spiritual but not religious — the fastest-growing demographic in society. I honor all faiths and backgrounds.


• Identify your primary type

• Explore your light and shadow

• Improve relationships with others

• Curb self-defeating behavior

• Find inner purpose and peace

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The ancient wisdom of the Enneagram is filtered through an interfaith and inter-spiritual lens as a powerful tool of discovery and self-transformation. Appropriate for individuals, couple and teams.


Classes • Workshops

Books • Blogs • Memoirs

Ceremonies • Sermons • Speeches

Need help with a project? As an author and Emmy Award–winning writer, I can use my industry knowledge and experience to write or edit it for you — or coach you to do it yourself. I specialize in working with interfaith and inter-spiritual writers and subject matter.



"It is not my job to change you. It is my job to change me so it will be easier to meet you in the middle of the bridge. That is where real love lies."

— Garrett A. Foster

About Garrett

Garrett A. Foster is the founder of From the Heart. His personal mission is to spread love in the world and empower others through writing, prayer, teaching, community, art, sacred activism and ceremony; and to support the work of others who share their hearts in their own way. Garrett believes that love is the ultimate religion and source of all things — the universal essence of our being.  Connecting with the kind of love that transcends circumstances and differences between us is essential in leading a life filled with purpose, passion and peace.

Garrett is a three-time cancer survivor. Love helped him to release his fear and to see the gift in his diagnoses.

MY VOW / MISSION: To do what I love — and to spread love doing it.

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