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A spiritual center without walls or dogma ...


Our Founder

Hi, everyone! I'm Rev. Garrett A. Foster. I am not your typical minister. The world is my church. Love is my religion. Forgiveness and gratitude are my hymns.

I'm a lucky guy. I've done some amazing things in life. I graduated from Vassar College. I wrote for daytime TV and won an Emmy Award. I was an editor for magazines and newspapers. I owned two small businesses — an ice cream and tropical gift shop, and a paint-your-own pottery studio. I published a novel, The Accident of Being Human.

I have also experienced a lot of turmoil and suffering, which included being bullied for being gay; facing cancer three times; dealing with anxiety, depression and major OCD; experiencing religious wounding from the Catholic Church; and more.


Connecting with others healed and transformed me. Discovering my own spirituality helped me find inner peace and purpose. I had a calling to create this community as a place where others could do the same safely and without any judgment.


I had a calling to create a place for all people to truly feel loved, accepted and celebrated regardless of their color, race, sexuality, age, political and/or religious affiliation, and more.


​​That's my story. What's yours?

            Our Community


              Community In Spirit is:

  • A spiritual center without walls

  • A safe place to learn and explore

  • A healing center for today's world

  • Accepting of all people and religions — or no religion at all

  • A new way of worshipping

  • Interactive, innovative, insightful

  • A place where friendships are formed and lives are changed

Perhaps most important it is whatever its members need and want it to be!

Our Daily Engagement

We engage members every day with an interactive question, reflection, resource, quotes, image, etc. Every day's offering is somehow based on that month's particular theme. Monthly themes have included: Spiritual Quotes, Must-Read Books, Gratitude, Getting To Know Each Other, and more.




Join Our Thriving Community

Join our closed FB group. We keep it closed so people will have a safe, supportive space to share their stories, challenge their beliefs, and transform their lives.

This is truly our center without walls where we celebrate, honor, recognize, nurture and support ourselves and each other ... where we love, learn, live, laugh and transform.



Prayer Circle


8:00 am ET

Every Monday at 8 am ET we gather for 30 minutes of joining our hearts, minds and intentions. We start with an opening prayer or reading from all faiths and denominations from Native American, to Buddhist, Christian and Islam.

We then go around the circle and give each person time to express their gratitudes and to place any prayer requests in the circle. This is followed by a Quaker-like period of silence in which we listen for the voice of Spirit. During this time, participants can remain silent, or share a spontaneous or prepared thought or prayer.

Join us every week or just when you feel moved. You will always be welcome. You must belong to our closed FB group to participate.


"I have loved being a member of Community In Spirit. I Sometimes I answer the daily questions on the FB page. Sometimes I just think about them. I have been surprised at how much I have grown and been changed by so many of the questions and how other member respond. This is a true community where you feel heard and respected. I have been involved in many groups, and there always ends up being some kind of politics or bad feelings. It also feels so safe and good — a refuge — to visit Community In Spirit." — L.A, Wallingford, CT

"Community In Spirit has opened my eyes to different faith traditions and also perspectives. It's been nice to chat with and learn from people whose backgrounds are very different from mine — yet there is total respect." — T.F., Delray Beach, FL

"One of the months I remember most was "Spiritual Trivia." There was a different question each day from a variety of different religions and spiritual philosophies. Lots of people got engaged. It was different and fun!." — D.C., Boulder, Co.




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